Computer Recycling is a primary service at City Industries. Once your shipment is received it will be tracked,
through processing, by our computerized tracking system. Our operations involve dismantling and segregation processes to break-down and separate electronic products into component parts and raw commodities.
Materials such as aluminum, copper, iron/tin, gold, silver, stainless steel and plastics are processed and
marketed daily at our plant. We recycle these materials in mass volumes and market them to large refineries
and foundries for conversion into various new products. Ours is a "closed-loop" process.

If a shipment contains batteries, we can handle them too. We are careful to remove, isolate and manage
hazardous materials in an enviromentally sound manner. These materials are strictly recycled within state
and federal regulatory requirements.

Should your shipment contain parts that have re-marketable value, we can send them through our Product Reconditioning department for repair, testing and resale. The additional revenues can increase your bottom

If you're concerned about security of proprietary parts or confidential information left on hard drives, we
have the solution. We can crush the parts, erase the hard drives, shred the media, even completely destroy
the hard drives before recycling. We have the equipment to get the job done. A certificate of destruction is
provided to certify the process.

For over thirty years we've been providing solutions to our customers to improve inventory control and
ensure that waste material is properly recycled. We can limit your liability and safe-guard your corporate
assets with a comprehensive recycling program. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

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