The technological age which we live in has created a vast and complex array of electronic products that are
smaller, faster and more efficient than products that were manufactured a few years ago. Through upgrading
and replacing older equipment, industry and consumers find themselves storing products for which they no
longer have a use. It is important to our environment to properly recycle and dispose of the products we can
no longer use, and it is possible to accomplish this with an efficient recycling program.

When the “use” value of most equipment has diminished, the only existing value in this product is metal content.
In most cases, electronic scrap may contain precious metals which have monetary value. Precious metals such
as gold, silver and palladium are commonly processed and refined at City Industries, Incorporated. Our state-of-
the-art facility is expressly designed for recovering these metals from scrap materials, and returning the highest possible monetary value to our customers. Not only is monetary return important, but proper disposal of
potentially hazardous byproducts helps our customers eliminate future environmental liability.

Additionally, we offer precious metals buying/refining services for jewelry, dental, bullion, and other high grade
forms of precious metals. We can melt, sample, and assay your material for gold, silver, palladium and platinum. We pay prompt returns based on assay percent and current exchange markets minus a nominal refining charge.

Contact us for more information about how your company can start a recycling program or improve the
efficiency of your existing program.

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