City Industries, Incorporated provides disposition and remarketing services to technology firms, who are focused on the critical issues of security and environmental stewardship. Our experience and ability to process large volumes of excess, end-of-life, and prototype products produce cost effective savings to the customer that eliminate any potential future environmental and security liability issues. Our services are custom tailored to accomplish the goals set forth by the customer. Information about the status of customer product can be provided in multiple data formats.


Equipment Staging & Storage (ESS)
- Receipt of product destined for deployment pertaining to customer request.

Equipment De-manufacturing & Disposition (EDD)
-Tear down and recycling end-of-life equipment

Equipment Part Recovery (EPR)
-Resale of parts from EDD process.

Storage Product Testing & Remarketing (SPTR)
-Hard Drive and Tape Drive testing for remarketing

Data Destruction (DD)
-Erasure of data from hard drives exceeding DOD requirement
Hard drive are processed through a vigorous 7 cycle sequence using high level format,
read, write, and verify tests erasing the data inevitably.

Product Destruction (PD)
-Complete destruction utilizing multiple process methods.

Recycling Services (RS)
-Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, and Precious Metals.