Some products are shipped to us in non-working, finished goods form, so they must
go through a disassembly process to break them down into component parts and commodities. We use high
speed power tools and hydraulic presses to accomplish this.

PRECIOUS METALS RECLAMATION: Precious metals such as Gold, Silver, and Palladium are commonly recovered from electronic scrap. Examples include circuit boards, cable connectors and plated scrap. We supply these materials in bulk shipments to precious metals smelters and fabricators for conversion into raw material for resale. Also, we process/refine highgrade bullion and jewelry scrap.

SCRAP METALS AND PLASTICS RECYCLING: Uses of metals and plastics are so common in electronic applications. Recycling these materials conserve resources and reduce waste. Scrap materials such
as aluminum, copper, iron, lead, tin and various plastics are recycled daily at our plant. We market these materials
to large foundries and fabricators as raw materials for conversion into new products.

HAZARDOUS MATERIALS RECYCLING: Some electronic products contain hazardous materials, so we offer a recycling service to remove, recycle and dispose of these materials. Common types of hazardous materials include lead, lithium and nickel batteries. To eliminate enviromental liability, we are careful that these materials are recycled within state and federal regulations. We ship these materials to only EPA Permitted facilities for recycling and final disposition.

WASTE RECYCLING/DISPOSAL: We recycle packaging materials such as wood, pallets and cardboard to companies that convert them into refurbished and raw material goods, in doing so, we reduce the amount of materials disposed of in landfills. Our fleet of trucks are Department of Transportation permitted to haul these wastes. No materials are disposed of on-site.

PRODUCT DESTRUCTION: Some customers wish to have "proprietary" products destroyed. Our mechanical processes destroy these products beyond reuse. A certificate of destruction can be supplied to document this process.

Being in the business for over thirty years, we have been able to create programs for our customers that improve inventory control and ensure that waste materials are properly recycled, thus limiting future enviromental liability.
If your company is interested in recycling services, contact us and see how we can better your situation.